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What are the main benefits of using Shopify websites?

There are many advantages, starting from easy Shopify store setup, meaning you get a fully functional online store in hours or days, even without the assistance of Shopify experts. On the other hand, the platform allows cooperation with a Shopify development company and the creation of custom Shopify stores. There are plenty of Shopify website development services available for online merchants, and we advise you to turn to specialized Shopify agencies like Litos.

Why do I need custom Shopify store development services?

There can be many reasons for involving seasoned Shopify developers in your project. Custom Shopify website development services are obviously needed for Shopify customization: changing features, adding new ones, rethinking the UX/UI, gearing Shopify apps to your store objectives, and so forth.

Custom Shopify development company is of great assistance in other cases, too: for new Shopify app development, third-party systems integration, maintenance services, and more. All in all, partnering with the right Shopify web development company helps to boost your store’s performance, UX, and, therefore, revenue.

Custom Shopify website design vs. default Shopify themes: what to choose?

As a Shopify development company with extensive experience, we, in most cases, advocate for customized themes rather than a ready-made Shopify store design. While there are more than a hundred out-of-the-box Shopify themes, they have two issues.

First, Shopify design is too recognizable and is used for dozens of thousands of storefronts. Second, it’s too generic, not catering enough to your store’s concept and customers’ behavior. If you’re searching for custom shopify theme development services, our Shopify development services are at your disposal.

How long does it take for a Shopify web development agency to finish the project?

Shopify eCommerce development comprises numerous services, and the timeframe depends on the work scope itself. If you work with a Shopify agency on launching a pretty standard storefront, it’s more likely to take days. If you choose more complex Shopify website development services like speed or SEO optimization, migration, and various integrations, it’s rather weeks.

And if we’re talking custom Shopify development services like a new design, new Shopify apps, or building an advanced headless product like a PWA, a Shopify development company will deliver results in up to several months.

What is the estimated cost of Shopify store development service?

No Shopify development company can give you the sum right away since there are multiple factors affecting the final budget. It depends on the Shopify development service of choice, be it a new Shopify theme development or minor design customizations, some new business logic or a full-blown architecture switch, Shopify app development or integration, ongoing support or ongoing maintenance, etc.

The tech stack also plays its role: which Shopify plan you’re on, which platform you’re migrating from, which external systems and databases you want to integrate, etc. One more component is the price of apps/themes/extensions: some may be free, but most of the good ones are paid or subscription-based.

Finally, the development services cost itself. It depends on who’s on the team (middle/senior devs, designers, a dedicated project manager, data analyst, testers) and where a Shopify web development company is located geographically. Given all this, Shopify website development services cost range between $500 and $50,000 or even more for top Shopify development companies.

Can your Shopify development company migrate a store without disrupting the business?

Migration is one of the most popular Shopify development services at Litos. With more than a decade of work with different eCommerce platforms, we know their peculiarities and pitfalls. So yes, our Shopify developers can conduct migration to Shopify from other CMSs as smoothly as possible.

Our Shopify website development company ensures minimal downtime, no SEO rankings and organic traffic losses, and no missing store or customer data. Once the site is on Shopify, we can proceed with Shopify eCommerce development to make your store even more user-friendly and powerful.


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